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Artificial ingredients destroy good bacteria in the gut. That’s why we don’t use a single artificial ingredient and insist on organically grown oats, free from pesticide residue.


Whole grain oats help neutralize the stomach so your digestive system can fully benefit from billions of gut-loving bacteria. Whole grain oats contain prebiotic fiber that feeds and stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.

The Hälsa Difference:

Every Step from Field to You Is Clean and Sustainable

0 Water Footprint

Hälsa organic oats grow with zero water footprint. In comparison, almonds use 10% of California’s fresh water to grow!

Supporting U.S. Farmers

Hälsa helps US dairy farmers to diversify to grow premium organic oats.

100% Clean Process

Hälsa doesn’t use a single chemical in its process. Our manufacturing innovation uses 80% less energy compared to competitors making oatmilk yogurts.

100% Clean Product

Hälsa doesn’t use a single food additive in its recipes. Consumers trust Hälsa’s 100% Clean Promise.


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